Q How long does it usually take for PE TARPAULIN products to be shipped?

It is usually shipped within  4-5 weeks after order confirmations.

Q From which countries are PE TARPAULIN (ready made sheet) shipped?

Finished products are shipped from Vietnam, and products made in Vietnam are Import Duty Free in Europe.

Q What is the maximum width of PE tarpaulin Roll products and Korea shipmen is available?

Max 2.7M is available in Korea.Mostly 1.83 or 2M wide is shipped.

Q I am a buyer from the Middle East, can you ship from China too?

Yes it is also possible.

Q How much is PE TARPAULIN monthly CAPACITY?

It is about 2,000MT per month. It is about 40ftx 90 container quantity in Vietnam factory.

Q Is F/R processing possible?

Yes it is possible.

Q Is private label available?

Yes, it is possible. Just send us the design file.

Q How do you WELDING when manufacturing PVC TARPAULIN finished products?


Q Packaging is usually done in boxes and BALE, but in what way does it come out a lot?

About 40% BOX and the rest goes to BALE PACKING.In EUROPE Bale packing is preferable. 

But most U.S orders are packed  by carton.Sometimes color display cartons are using.

Q What is the max.weight and wide for SHADE CLOTH?

Up to 380GSM(12OZ) is possible as well as 6M(20FT).

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